Aysha Griffin Biography

Aysha Griffin is a certified business coach and relationship coach, marketing and communications professional, journalist/editor, blogger and desktop publishing pioneer who loves to travel and connect with people of vision and heart to co-create a saner, more just and sustainable world.

Since 1985, she has helped to shape the vision of businesses, organizations and professionals; and designed and led workshops for corporations, civic leaders, and creative individuals. She supports the success of her client’s goals  through well-designed project collaboration.

From 2011-2014, as faculty of the San Miguel Writers’ Conference, Aysha began to specialize in coaching writers, offering publishing options, self-publishing services, and her paradigm-shifting techniques in Marketing Your Book With Love workshops and the upcoming book (2015), Market Your Book With Love – A Writers’ Guide To Selling Books Your Way.

A lifelong student of philosophy and mind-body-spirit awareness, Aysha’s workshops and coaching integrate the practical, visionary, and artistic to foster healthier, more joyful relationships to Self, Others and Work.

Additionally, Aysha is a certified relationship coach and faculty member of the Hendricks Institute/Foundation for 21st Century Leadership. She helps individuals, couples and work teams understand and resolve relationship issues, improve communication/appreciation skills and implement effective health, fiscal and time management techniques.

Following a journalism career as a newspaper and magazine reporter, editor, photographer, and on-air radio news director, Aysha founded and managed a marketing and communications agency. For 30 years she has created marketing strategies and materials, facilitated workshops and worked as a consultant to more than 100 businesses and non-profit organizations.

She is a certified business plan writer and graduate of Goddard College’s graduate program in Sustainable Ethical Enterprise Design (SEED).

From 2002 to 2008, she also established and managed own Buyer’s Agency as a real estate broker and relocation expert, assisting scores of people in relocating to New Mexico, the “Land of Enchantment.” She maintains an interest in real estate law and international real estate opportunities.

Aysha has been published extensively, with more than 400 business and travel articles and countless workbooks and trade publications including ‘Santa Fe Green Building Guidelines’ for Sustainable Communities, Inc. and ‘All About Working From Home’ for America Online, where she conducted the “Home Business Forum” for six years. She is author and/or editor of more than 15 books and an avid independent traveler who blogs at InhabitYour Dreams.com.

Her 2012 self-published book, Leonardo’s Revenge and Other Stories, is available through Amazon.

Aysha welcomes opportunities worldwide to enhance business and personal growth. Whether undertaking a business development plan, facilitating a creative break-through or business growth workshop, or presenting on self-publishing and marketing strategies, she brings 20-plus years of expertise, enthusiasm and accountability in working with hundreds of diverse organizations and individuals, to help you enjoy healthy, abundant and fulfilling relationships to self, others and work. For more, visit her blog.