15  Steps to Self-Publishing Success
Aysha Griffin

  1. Complete your manuscript and have it professionally edited
  2. Write bio, jacket copy and other front and/or back matter
  3. Send manuscript out for comments/endorsements
  4. Create a comprehensive marketing plan
  5. Choose your POD publisher
  6. Choose format, cover art/design (these can be provided for a cost by your POD publisher, or produced yourself or through your own sources; I can recommend)
  7. Obtain an ISBN Number (free from POD publisher or purchase yourself)
  8. Set up Amazon and B&N accounts
  9. Figure costs, royalties and fill in all relevant payment and author info
  10. Create your author website (and Facebook, etc.); include it in book
  11. Upload formatted manuscript to POD publisher
  12. Upload converted format files to Kindle, Nook, iBook, etc.
  13. Get the word out, i.e., implement marketing plan (JVs, PR, your networks)
  14.  Submit for reviews and to contests
  15.  Build your new business through consistent efforts

Note: Time frames for self-publishing are usually longer than you think. Become familiar with the process and set realistic expectations for yourself.