Download your own Guilt-Free Certificate, signed by Leonardo Loma, beloved founder of The Guilt-Free Society.

“Societi Freeitus ab Guiltum” is 8.5 x 11″ certificate, suitable for framing; designed by Denver cartoonist C.A. Boyer.

Get Your Guilt-Free Certificate Now!

Delivered as a .pdf, print out on your own printer and fill in your name, or the name of someone who desperately needs freedom from guilt!

We’re not talking guilt that should rightly be felt in relation to serious crimes and abuses, but the petty kind of guilt… Jewish guilt, Catholic guilt, forgetting to take out the garbage guilt… the kind of phoney self-recrimination and self-reproach that is often self-flagellating over minor infractions.

Give your self a break! Forgive your self for being human and making common mistakes…

Make it official: join The Guilt-Free Society and proudly declare free from “disapproval, condemnation, negativity and bad vibes.”

Usually sold for $5.95, the Guilt-Free Certificate is FREE to friends of “Leonardo’s Revenge and Other Stories” by Aysha Griffin. If you read the title story, you’ll understand the background and significance of the Guilt-Free Society. Enjoy, and share with your friends who also could use some help with their guilt!

Get Your Guilt-Free Certificate Now!