How I Work With Authors

As a pioneer in Desktop Publishing, beginning in 1985, I have authored, edited, designed, published and promoted numerous books for myself and clients. Every writer brings a different and unique concept and intention to his/her book, which is why a personal coach is the best, most holistic and, ultimately, cost-effective approach to writing, publishing and marketing a book.

“Thank you, Aysha for never changing my voice!  You are an excellent editor. You helped me complete my book, identify publishers, craft a great query letter and be under contract in two weeks. You’re awesome!”
– Jan Helling Croteau, author, Perform It! A Complete Guide To Young People’s Theatre

Before and After Self-Publishing,
Print-on-Demand and eBooks

In the days of “Traditional Publishing,” I’d help authors craft a better manuscript and compelling query letter, identify possible publishers and, when received, answer a publisher’s questionaire which required creating a marketing plan to support the publisher’s sales efforts. While large publishing houses still dominate book sales, they are all corporate owned, so the bottom line (what will likely sell) is more important than literary value and manuscripts are accepted only via agents . What remains the same is that the lag time from contract to publication (18 to 24 months) and the small amount of advance and royalties most authors will receive.

Unlike the “old days,” when publishers actually promoted their authors, today’s publishing world and requires every author (except superstars and celebrities) to have a significant “Author Platform.” Authors must present not only a marketing plan but evidence of relevant credentials, public speaking experience, and a large social media network they maintain; an army of followers, likers and subscribers to the author’s vast social media efforts. Data research has found little correlation between the size of an author’s platform and actual book sales. Therefore, I help authors create a vibrant, high-ranking presence in the places book buyers actually go to shop.

For most writers – especially those without a technical, business or marketing background – this relentless pursuit of “building an author platform” is overwhelming and tiresome. And truth be known, self-publishing – if done well and right – can be successful, satisfying, rewarding… and leave you time to write and have a life!

Self-Publish Now… in the way that works for you

Since the advent of Amazon’s marketplace and its self-publishing arms, CreateSpace and Kindle, I continue to offer professional coaching to serious authors committed to self-publishing and selling their books.
Together, we

  • consider your interests, style and motivation for writing and selling

  • ensure your manuscript is the best it can be

  • develop great design and copywriting

  • decide on formatting, production and distribution

  • produce superior products that readers will buy

  • strategize your internet presence (based on your passion)

  • create or modify your website and preferred social media sites

  • implement an effective, doable plan to advocate for (market) your book (your “baby”) in a way that is resonant with your personal style and intended audience. I call this new paradigm: “Marketing Your Book With Love.

My coaching and planning provides clarity and direction to the writer’s process and keeps you on track. We work together to examine goals, dreams and personal resistences, and plot a course that’s actually fun and results in desired outcomes. My clients stay focused, encouraged and creatively engaged throughout the book’s completion and far beyond into the on-going promotion and marketing of their creation.

I also provide (or consult on) a host of publishing services: editing, cover design and layout, copy writing, biography creation, Wikipedia entry, publishing options, press releases, media kits, tours, website design and development, social media management, PR campaigns and more.

“I was very pleased with your editing job on Healing Thoughts, Therapeutic Shamanism. Your suggestions were invaluable. I especially appreciate the fine attention to detail throughout the text, and the fact that even though you made many changes, you kept the integrity of my writing style intact. Based on that, we decided to work with you again, as our coach and editorial consultant throughout the whole process of writing, publishing and marketing “Spirit Journeys,” which was  extraordinary. You made it easy and helped us produce a book of which we are very proud. Thank you! – Steven E. Rogat, author of Ghosts in the Mist


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