How To Create Effective Newsletters and eZines –
Design, Editing and Production

Print or online newsletters (eLetters or eZines) allow you to communicate with groups of people – clients, prospects, friends, family, associates. If you want it to be seen, read and evoke response, you need to design, format, write/edit, schedule regularly, distribute and reply to  comments. Let’s go through the whole process to create a workable, fun template, editorial schedule and professional product.

This workshop takes you step-by through: 

  1. Identify the purpose and type of news/eletter/eZine to best serve your needs 

  2. Understand your readership (clients/customers) and the benefit to them

  3. Create objective and goals

  4. Planning and budgeting (time, money and resources)

  5. How to get, use and leverage advertising sales

  6. Avoid common mistakes and reasons newsletters are not read

  7. Designing spec sheets and understanding the power of type and graphics

  8. Tips for reporters and editors

  9. Brainstorming techniques for editorial scheduling

  10. and much more!


This is an intensive 4-hour class that can be broken into two 2-hour sessions. 

Participants: ideal for business start-ups and those in business any length of time. Can be sponsored by civic group, Chamber of Commerce, industry association, etc.

Process: Hands-on, small group break-outs, question and answer sessions.


Cost: $99 pp. (min 6 attendees, max. 15), workbook included.


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