Reviews for Leonardo’s Revenge and Other Stories 

More, more, more
I feel as though I have just discovered a new writer whose work I want to follow. Aysha Griffin has a keen eye, a wicked wit, a love for humanity, a flair for irony and an O.Henry-like ability to turn a story around just when you think you have a handle on it. Griffin’s stories are easy to read, engaging, and highly unusual. Her layers of detail relax you and carry you into tales that suddenly surprise you. She is never judgmental of her characters, even when they lie, plagiarize and even fake their own death. Brava, Griffin. Keep writing! My own criticism is that I want more, more, more.
– Judith Fein, Author: Life Is A Trip 

Travel Writer’s Eye
Travel around the world in the ten stories included in Leonardo’s Revenge. An emotional range of experiences, a geographic mix of time and place and a varied cast of characters. Aysha has a travel writer’s eye for detail and her characters come alive. A good read.
– Elizabeth Helling, Graphic Designer/Artist 

Revenge is sweet….like a box of chocolates
Love the cover, for one thing, and like a box of chocolates where you’re constantly surprised at what you find when you bite into one, the cover has NOTHING to do with the filling inside. But you’re delighted all the same! Full of ahh HAW’s, these stories remind me at times of Garrison Keillor and at others Ray Bradbury. There’s also a touch of that chick with the Bell Jar…oh! Sylvia Plath. I see from her review that Aysha ‘fessed up to why she put this collection of short stories together in the first place. Makes me wonder what else she has in those files of hers, you know, the ones before there were even floppies. Bring that stuff out, Aysha! We want more!
– Susan J. Cobb, Author: Virgin Territory: How I Found My Inner Guadalupe 

Vivid and Fun!
These stories opened the way to a world of fun, colorful adventures and poignant insights. Each tale is a mini-postcard, giving us a peek into another way of life, another exotic location, and characters so vibrantly drawn, you can imagine them standing before you. There are surprises here, and humor, as we live with these characters and recognize how the seeds of our best and worst selves are there from the beginning, our lives all the richer for it.
– Alexanna Padilla Johnson, Artist

A fine, clear voice
These stories are written with a fine, clear voice that reflects an obvious understanding of the world. I was reminded of Paul Theroux’s insightful and sometimes sardonic approach to people and places. I felt the darkly funny ‘Future Shop’ was a good example of some of the best stories; a brief and comic metaphorical treatment of the modern condition. I enjoyed the stories very much.

– David Wagner, Glass Artist

Passion and insight
I deeply enjoyed reading these stories, they are full of passion and insight. Once you start reading a story, you MUST know the end.
– Adriana Miniño, Translator 

Aysha’s Wisdom
This slim and beautiful book of ten stories is a real treasure. Aysha Griffin has a marvelous ear for how we express our deepest selves through our language, and a clear and nonjudgmental eye for the richness in all of us. These stories are bound together by Aysha’s clarity of vision and by the underlying theme of the possibility of freedom no matter what one’s situation. I hope this truly is a first book in that it will be followed by more. I highly recommend this book, especially if you enjoy quirky characters and appreciate a genuine zest for life.
– Carolyn M. Erickson, Psychologist

 5 Stars!
I just finished reading Aysha Griffin’s delightful collection of short stories, “Leonardo’s Revenge”, and really enjoyed this book! Each story holds its own nugget of truth which is revealed to the reader through the hearts of Aysha Griffin’s lively characters. In the first story, we find treasures in the life of Leonardo…one of those authentic-eccentrics who only come along once in a lucky-lifetime. I could read a whole book about Leonardo Loma! The story “Future Shop” is a romp through the tangled jungle of professional-shoppers Trudy and Josh who are rescued by a new drug. This story ends with a punch right to the funny bone which made me laugh out loud. But my favorite story in this collection is the ” Fiery Heart of Hawaii” when Madame Pele (goddess of the volcano) pays a visit to the writer and guides her to the core of Hawaii… bubbling with earth’s deepest fire, exposing Pele’s deepest truth. Pick up a copy of this book, it’s a pleasure to read and I certainly hope we see more from Aysha Griffin soon!
– Jan Helling Croteau, Author: Perform It! A Complete Guide To Young People’s Theater