Services For Writers

Tours and Travels

Available as a facilitator and coach for writers’ tours and retreats worldwide, I also offer one-on-one or small group coaching while accompanying you on your travels. Drop me an email to discuss possibilities.

Publishing Services and Support

Since 1985, I have owned a Desktop Publishing, Marketing and Communications Agency. This revolution in publishing – made possible by the personal computer – has exploded, with the internet and digital “eReaders” rapidly changing the publishing world.

Two million books were published worldwide in 2013. How can you distinguish your work and reach your audience…
• Without wasting a lot of time on social media, building a so-called “Author Platform”?
• While actually enjoying a marketing process that is resonant with your style and true to your interests?

I will help you discover how to Market Your Book With Love, and find the most-effective ways to create, publish and sell your books.

Should you pursue traditional publishing or self publish? Do you need an agent or a public relations firm, or can you do it all your self?

The answer to these questions and more is: it depends.
It depends on the nature of your work, the scope of your audience, and your personal goals and your own capacities.

I can help you:
• grasp the various challenges
• make the best decision for your project
• move forward, through all the steps, to successful publication and marketing of your work.

Email me to begin a discussion of your project!


Writing Coaching and Editing

“Thank you, Aysha, for never changing my voice! You are an excellent editor. You helped me complete my book, identify publishers, craft a great query letter and be under contract in two weeks. You’re awesome!” – Jan Helling Croteau, author of Perform It! A Complete Guide To Young People’s Theatre 

As a professional editor and coach for more than 20 years, my book editing and marketing repertoire includes five novels and 15 nonfiction books, and hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles, plus countless pieces of corporate communications, marketing and instructional materials, web and blog sites. You can read more about the business and tips for self-publishing at

When it comes to editing and publishing in today’s fast-paced electronically-produced articles and manuscripts, I provide a comprehensive, holistic approach. I incorporate line, copy and proof editing, along with keen distillation of your ideas, instructions and encouragement. 

Working with authors at any stage in their career and in any genre or form (books, newspapers, magazines, academic papers, corporate publications, etc.), my goal is to:

  •     increase your understanding of “good writing” 
  •     strengthen your individual “voice”
  •     improve connection with your audience
  •     strategize market placement and sale
  •     leverage research and materials for more opportunities
  •     help get and keep you on track to accomplish your goals

If you have a project and are uncertain whether you need marketing or editorial assistance, email me to schedule a free consultation. 

“I am very pleased with your copyediting job with Healing Thoughts, Therapeutic Shamanism. Your suggestions were very valuable. I especially appreciate the fine attention to detail throughout the text, and the fact that even though you made many changes, you kept the integrity of my writing style intact. Looking forward to working with you again.” – Steven E. Rogat, author of Spirit Journeys (editorial consultant, Aysha Griffin)