Business Consulting & Development


“Your particular genius with this process [creating and implementing strategic plans] is that you have tremendous discernment of what is truly cogent in an otherwise indistinct boatload of information/ opinions/ personal agendas, and your sense-ability to distill it into a highly accessible, intelligent, and usable plan that clearly articulates how your clients can best transform their intentions into action and form. This kind of business writing is exceedingly valuable, and you are BRILLIANT at it!”      – Anne Clark, creative director


You’ve poured your time, effort, heart and soul into your work… to make a living and a difference. As you move forward, wouldn’t it be great to have a partner … one who brings imagination, vision and know-how to help you fulfill your goals and dreams? This is what I’ve has been doing since 1985, following a career as a reporter and editor.

I provide services tailored to your specific needs, which accomplish measurable goals. My purpose is to free your time to focus on creating the healthy successful business, creative work and balanced life you desire and deserve; saving you time, frustration and money.

I help you bring forth the essence and truth of what you mean to say, in ways that stimulate felt-response, inspire action and build lasting relationships with your customers, clients and constituents.

For more than 20 years I have honed the skills to truly hear, articulate and communicate my clients’ ideas, success stories and aspirations. I am a high-energy serial entrepreneur, strategic planner and marketing professional, experienced in impacting the visibility, profitability and performance of organizations through innovative communications, coaching/training and fiscal/resource management.

I’ve had the honor of helping more than 100 businesses, not-for-profit organizations and individual professionals clarify their vision and achieve their goals through…

  • Keen assessment of processes (management, operational and supporting) and practical recommendations for overcoming challenges.
  • Career & relationship coaching to easefully manifest the life you want and the work that supports it.
  • Comprehensive development & facilitation of workshops that nurture creativity, build cooperation and leadership skills, and ensure sustainable excitement for positive change.