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For the entrepreneur, small business owner or creative individual, your business is NOT just a job… it’s an integral expression of You, and a means to fulfill your dreams. I have been a business and marketing coach since 1985 and offer a variety of workshops to help you.

Below is a sample of classes developed, presented and available for your next meeting, conference or retreat. Each can be tailored to the needs of your group. These have often been sponsored by business development agencies, industry associations and learning centers.

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Labyrinth as symbol for life of a business ownerOptimize Your Home-Based Business

This covers the essentials of growing your home-based business (no matter what your product, service or creative enterprise) and provides tips for setting space and working hours, cost-effectively equipping your office or studio, staying focused, organized and motivated, handling distractions, and capitalizing on what you love. Learn the 5 Reasons Home-Based Businesses Fail, and how to avoid them.

Where Does Your Time and Money Go?

Do you feel too busy or tired, without the time or money to afford what you want to do? Is the stress of making money driving you crazy? We’ll look at where and how you actually apend your time and money. By examining the truth of this, you can better prioritize and budget Time and Money for operating, managing, promoting, growing your business, saving, AND enjoying your life… no matter what business you’re in! 

Develop Your Professional Image

Learn how to project a professional image in all your marketing efforts, even if you work from home and no one sees you. This speech/class/workshop covers all forms of communication, creating cost-effective consistency, booking and preparing for media interviews, telephone and in-person etiquette, getting and staying organized, resolving conflicts, and being an expert.

Have Fun Promoting Your Business

Understand the variety and uses of different promotional materials and social media channels, learn 10 steps to a finished product, design “do’s and don’ts,” marketing principles, cultivating good business practices, and getting and leveraging free publicity on and off-line.

Social Media – what’s most effective for your business?

Social media is a huge and confusing world of websites, blogs, Facebook pages, Linked In profiles, Tweeting, Pinterest, and endless other ways to spend time and money online. We’ll examine the uses and value of each, and where best to put your energy for the greatest return in regard to your specific business.

Create Your Marketing Plan

Why do you need one? What are the elements of a good marketing plan? How do you use this to track the success of your efforts and grow your business? This is typically a 4-week class. After the previous 3 weeks of considering your relationship to money and time, your real goals and passions, and the options for promoting your products or services, you will write a simple marketing plan to keep you on track in meeting your goals – and reaping the benefits – for the next 12 months. I will review and critique your personal plan within the following week so you can begin immediately to implement it and grow a sustainable business!

Aysha Griffin, Marketing and Business Coach

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