What Is
“Marketing Your Book With Love”?

Over the years, I have presented many resources to support you in your business and personal development, and share my own journeys. Like many others who feel “social media fatigue,” I took a hiatus from blogging and social media to process major changes in my own life, reconnect with my heart, and consider what is most important to me.

From this came a new workshop (and book in process) specifically for women writers – and open-hearted men – to address the apprehension, overwhelm and drugery of marketing.

Marketing Your Book With Love offers a radical and effective approach to promoting and selling your book that is true to your own sensibilities, honoring your time, priorities, interests and level of technical skills.

Using familiar parenting metaphors in new ways, and principles of nurturance and relationship-building familiar to every woman, Marketing Your Book With Love guides writers to connect with the core of your own creativity and unlock your deepest passions. That is what inspired your book in the first place!

As a marketing professional since 1985, I provide practical steps, insights, tools and guidance to use your unique passion in building a community of devoted readers and position yourself in the marketplace where it matters. I help writers determine which few avenues – of the countless on and offline possibilities – to pursue that make sense to you and are most effective.

Whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, I believe that you can have fun marketing your book and experience the satisfaction of raising a successful “baby,” one that will reward you for your efforts. With a global audience yearning for authenticity and empowered feminine voices, it is time to share what you love, with love.

Currently, this workshop has been delivered, with popular reception for four years in a row, at the renowned San Miguel Writers Conference and to Writers Who Love Mexico, a writers’ group on the Pacific coast.

I am available for personal coaching via Skype, and presenting this workshop to women writers’ groups and writers’ conferences worldwide. Please stay tuned (“email subscribe”), as I am developing a Marketing With Love webinar and book, and look forward to keeping you posted. As my core passion is to connect, this is great fun! Thanks for your beautiful heart in the world!

Here is a link to RESOURCES related to this workshop.

To great writing, and marketing your book with love,