Aysha is an author, editorial consultant, international workshop presenter, certified business and relationship coach, creative problem solver, marketing maven and travel blogger who, since 1985, guides socially-conscious entrepreneurs and writers/artists to create profitable enterprises that make a positive difference in the world. What a great story to live, and to live to tell!

Her approach is both practical and visionary to empower your creativity and confidence to Inhabit Your Dreams!

Tell The Story You Want To Live
Live The Story You Want To Tell

We are all story tellers. Personally and collectively, we are in-formed by the stories we tell ourself about who we are; our limitations and obstacles, our dreams and possibilities. The same is true for our businesses, organizations, creative works and all relationships.

It is my privilege and passion to work with accomplished, mature individuals to envision and craft new life stories that deliver your messages clearly and passionately (sometimes humorously), speaking to the heart of those you want to touch in ways that engender an authentic response. Such is the art of true connection, which we all seek.

The more real you are, the more you real-ize the changes and results you want to live and enjoy. And what could be more satisfying than doing and being the best you can imagine, at what you most love?

Telling, reprinting and reframing, reimagining and taking the steps to create a new story is process, a prolonged conversation, a deeply personal (and confidential) coaching partnership that honors your talents, interests, values, dreams, and whatever has been in your way. Here’s the great news: It’s never outside yourself, so that means it’s in your power to shift and transform anything, any story.

If you are a creative individual (in any field) and are eager to tell a story you want to live, and live the story you want to tell, then I encourage you to contact me to find out more.

 “Aysha has a unique gift for bringing together the artistic, the visionary and the practical.  Her ability to innovate, remain focused, and provide leadership, while honoring and empowering others, is extraordinary.
She is a great asset to any organization.”
Peter Dupré, President, Peak Performance, Colorado Springs, CO
Also available to present empowering workshops and keynote speeches worldwide, in person or via Skype.
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