Aysha guides socially-conscious entrepreneurs and writers/artists to create profitable enterprises that make a positive difference in the world. 

Her approach is holistic and relationship-based to expand awareness, creativity and heart.


Workshops & Coaching

For Writers & Entrepreneurs

Do you want to… Publish and market your book?
Communicate clearly to get the response you want? 
Enliven your relationship to self, work and others ?

Are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, bogged down in details, going in too many directions? Tools in your “toolbox” are great, but only if you know how and when to use them. Many of us acquire huge amounts of information, skills and experiences, only to find ourselves at a loss for meaningful and rewarding ways to apply them.

As an author/travel writer, editor and workshop facilitator with than 25 years as owner of a communications and marketing agency – serving businesses, non-profits and creative professionals – I love facilitating workshops and providing personal and professional coaching to help you get the information and support you need, wisely use the tools you already have, unravel the messy bits, and chart a clear and direct path to where you truly want to go. And, I make it fun… after all, this is your life!

Leadership/Communications Workshops:
Small Business Administration, Center For Creative Leadership
International Paper, City of Colorado Springs

Writers’ Workshops: 
San Miguel Writers’ Conference (Mexico), 2011-2014
Writers Who Love Mexico, Instituto Cubano del Libro

Inquiries welcome for workshops/presentations internationally. 
Affordable Coaching available worldwide via Skype. 
References on request.

To find out more, contact me.

  “Aysha has a unique gift for bringing together the artistic, the visionary and the practical. Her ability to innovate, remain focused, and provide leadership, while honoring and empowering others, is extraordinary. She is a great asset to any organization.”

Peter Dupré, President, Peak Performance, Colorado Springs, CO





“Aysha has the natural talents, skills and personal courage of an exceptional coach. She hears beyond words and uncovers the truth of self-limitations, so pain can be released and a more creative, loving life can be realized.”  — Alexanna Padilla Johnson, Artist & Creativity Coach, Phoenix, AZ