Aysha GriffinAysha works with conscious men and women 50+, of great ideas and heart, who want to improve their own life, make a positive difference in the world and enjoy the process.

As a certified business and relationship coach, marketing pro, multiple business owner, and travel and business writer/editor since 1985,  she takes a no-nonsense approach to help you clarify your vision and achieve your goals.

Her approach is practical and holistic to empower your creativity and confidence to have the means to Inhabit Your Dreams!

Clarity at the Crossroads

Are you over 50 and thinking of starting a new venture… or changing one you already have?

You know that being so close to your ideas, you likely have blindspots and maybe a lack of know-how about the latest tech and market-reach methods, and where best to source them. You want to do this right.

  • You’ve thought about it and done your research.
  • You know yourself.
  • You have years of experience and a lot at stake.
  • You have no time for ‘fake it ’til you make it.’
  • No desire to go through big learning curves.
  • You can’t afford to blow this – emotionally or financially.
  • It needs to fly with all parts working well to give you the satisfaction and rewards you’re hoping it will, and to serve who you want it to serve.

And you’re wise enough to know that if an objective, highly-experienced someone could honestly review your ideas and goals, help you see what you might be missing, and guide you in making the best decisions for every aspect, you’d save a lot of time, energy, money and grief.

I am that someone.

With 30+ years of working with more than 100 business owners and corporate leaders, non-profit and governmental organizations, creatives and independent professionals, I have what clients have called “an uncanny ability” to see what works, what needs more attention, and in what order. I will brainstorm with you and offer advice every step of the way to ensure your idea will fly… or not. And I’ll always tell you the truth as I see it.

There has never been more opportunity, nor more competition, in every arena, every industry, every market and for every great idea. But you must be on-point, targeted and crystal clear in your intentions and offerings, and how and where you present them.

By listening, seeing and understanding what you want to achieve, I’ll be your coach, ally, partner and cheerleader, committed to your vision and goals.

I’ll guide you to clarity from a broad, holistic perspective of viability, to the nitty-gritty of realizing your dream.

How does this form of coaching work?

Your next step?

Let’s have a free, no obligation 20-minute conversation about your idea or business. State two best dates and times in the next week. I will email you with confirmation and call you as we agree. Email me: editor@InhabitYourDreams.com

 “Aysha has a unique gift for bringing together the artistic, the visionary and the practical.  Her ability to innovate, remain focused, and provide leadership, while honoring and empowering others, is extraordinary.
She is a great asset to any organization.”
Peter Dupré, President, Peak Performance, Colorado Springs, CO

Also available to present empowering workshops and keynote speeches worldwide, in person or via Skype.

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